Tiny cells with giant potential

Tiny cells with giant potential

Climate crisis and the need for food security are real and urgent problems that we need to tackle. For that reason, certain countries in Europe are looking into the enormous yet somewhat untapped potential of algae.

Macroalgae has been an important part of the western diet for centuries, but not a lot has been heard about microalgae. A company in Portugal has been showing great results on microalgae-based applications for the food industry.

According to the Allmicroalgae company’s researchers, Microalgae (microscopic unicellular organisms) contain diverse nutritional value such as omega-3, essential amino acids and micronutrients. Several industries around the world can benefit from developing microalgae-based applications, especially when it comes to human food.

The goal of a lab-based microalgae cultivation is to maintain adequate environmental conditions to produce the highest biomass possible within quality standards. Once harvested, microalgae can not only provide high-quality diet ingredients, but also encourage a more responsible and sustainable way of food production.

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Original Article: https://www.euronews.com/green/2021/05/25/is-microalgae-the-sustainable-food-of-the-future

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