Microalgae is the life support we need to expand Mars exploration

Microalgae is the life support we need to expand Mars exploration

You’ve seen this in movies, books, and the internet. NASA has been trying to gather information from our neighbour. They send robots, and they bring back samples for analysis.

But if you stop to think. Would NASA have access to higher-quality research samples if it sent people to the Red Planet?

Are humans going to colonize Mars one day?

It’s not an easy task to send people to another planet, let alone ensure that they can survive under the extreme conditions present on Mars. 

Humans need everyday life-support thingslike food, bearable temperature and breathable air which are inexistent on the red planet.

But, a team of scientists from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is trying to investigate the possibility of human life on Mars.

Surprisingly, the answer lies behind micro-organisms that love carbon dioxide and can use it to produce oxygen. Microalgae.

And they are

  • Edible
  • Nutrient-rich and 
  • Fast-growing

Microalgae are known to grow in extreme environmental conditions. That is a good characteristic for the design of future life support systems on Mars.

Learn more: https://phys.org/news/2022-10-algae-instrumental-human-exploration-mars.html  

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