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 We serve a broad spectrum of clients with seaweed-based products, oceans, and international corporations with sustainable goals and activities "The successful companies over the next 5 years are those that foster mindful consumption."

Founder Julien Lambert Corporations and private institutions of all sizes can benefit from advertising with by disseminating their sustainable business goals, delivering the message of their seaweed-based products, research and development, and sustainability achievements.

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Reach An Engaged Audience Actively


Communicate your brands values and your products to our network of highly motivated consumers.


For your brand: We cater to a targeted market of individuals interested in purchasing seaweed-based products and knowing about organizations committed to sustainability.


We help our partners and advertisers disseminate their information, news releases, and research papers related to Seaweed-Based products, Oceans Blue Economy, Circular Economies, and Environmental Benefits to the world.


SeaGarden Store offers customized, flexible and affordable advertising and branding solutions including Brand Awareness Programs, Products Display Advertising, Lead Generation Programs, and Audio Commercials including:

1. Banner Leaderboards

2. Banners Inserts Inside Pages

3. Side Pages Sky Full and Half Size Scrapers

4. Native Advertising

5. Lead Generation Programs

6. Publish Your News Releases

7. Audio Commercials and Podcasts

8. You Tube Videos​

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