Superfood for those who want a super planet!

Superfood for those who want a super planet!

What if you had to pick only one food to eat every day and that food had to contain enough nutrients to meet your body’s daily nutritional needs?

This is the food you should pick!

The food I am talking about has protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals in it. On top of all that unique nutritional value, this superfood is farmed in the ocean in collaboration with other forms of culture. It does not require freshwater or land, which turns out to be a very Earth-friendly food!

Do you think it stops there? No! 

This superfood also helps the planet to recycle not only carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gasses that are detrimental to our ozone layer when emitted in large amounts) but also other nutrients, produced by the nearby farmed finfish in a system called integrated multi-trophic aquaculture or IMTA. 

I am sure you must be thinking: what in the world is this superfood?

Well, before I reveal the secret, let me tell you a bit more about it. 

Researchers from Israel have tried out different species of seaweeds that were cultivated in close proximity to fish farming operations under various environmental conditions. Those conditions promoted an important improvement in their nutritional value, allowing them to become “enriched” and considered a superfood!

Superfoods like seaweeds can be fundamental in fighting hunger, malnutrition, and other nutrient deficiencies to nutritionally vulnerable populations around the globe.

If you want to learn more about seaweeds, “enriched seaweeds” and why they are so incredible, please check out the original article and other links below, and dive deeper into the sea garden world!

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