Eat this chocolate bar and help restore the ocean!

Eat this chocolate bar and help restore the ocean!

The Bonte Koe Chocolate in partnership with The Seaweed Company have developed a very exciting product for those who care about the ocean and are chocolovers!




On land, The Bonte Koe Chocolate company not only sell freshly-produced chocolate bars, but they also get their cocoa through a socially-responsible process, by being a member of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, where they can ensure that those involved with the cacao production cycle receive the support needed.

A bit far from the shore, The Seaweed Company is a company that grows seaweed in the ocean, in several countries around the world and produces seaweed-based products. Those include: Health & wellbeing, animal health, pharmaceuticals, bio growth stimulants, sustainable materials, renewable energy, and carbon sequestration.

The collaboration between those two incredible sustainability-focused businesses has given you the opportunity to buy a chocolate bar with 55% cacao, caramelized sugar and Royal Kombu seaweed in it.

On top of all that, by buying the seaweed chocolate bar, you are donating 1 euro to the Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation AND a piece of seaweed farm the size of an A4 to The Seaweed Company to continue restoring the ocean.


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